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Shera Lee

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Bamboo Fleur In Dusty Pink [Minor Defect]

Bamboo Fleur In Dusty Pink [Minor Defect]

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Product Description:

What is As-is?
Items that sold in whatever condition they presently exist.

What is Minor Defect?
Items with very small and non-obvious defects such as small stitching defects, small holes on fabric and small stains.

What is Major Defect?
Items with obvious defects such as obvious holes in fabric, obvious stitching defects and big stains.

Remarks: These items are not refundable or exchangeable in any way. All sales are FINAL.

Hi #slnewbies! Interested to get our Defect item? Over 10,000 minor defects sold worldwide and the defects are non-noticeable when styled! Get to know our SL Minor Defect Items?

Minor Defect are Items that do not meet our QC standards such as:

  • Minor Printing Defect
  • Minor Stitching Defect
  • Minor Bowing Asymmetrical Shawl
  • Minor Stain

Disclaimer: All defect types range from 0.1cm - 5cm

Indulge yourself with this latest arrival by Amira Othman. No More Tudung Troubles. Each Purchase comes as a SET! You will receive: 

1 x Printed Shawl

Product Details:
Material Shawl: Korean Matte Silk | Material Inner: Cotton Viscose
Measurement: 1.80 m x 0.7 m
Finishing: Baby Seam

Wash & Care:
Hand wash ONLY, do not soak or machine wash.

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