Say Hello to Your New Favourite. Tag n' Go Shawl.

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Frequently Asked Questions

3-Year Magnet Warranty

Your Tag n' Go comes with a 3-Year Warranty on the magnet. In the event the magnet looses it's strength, we would gladly provide you with a new magnet.

The Warranty is Automatically Voided if the fabric [magnet pocket] damage is caused by the usage of washing machine or dryer.

As we have stated in the product care description; All #slshawls especially Tag n' Go are extremely delicate and can only be hand-washed and air-dryed.

Tag n' Go Delivery

Please Note Our Tag n’ Go series are Made to Order by our in-house factory located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Due to High Volume Orders, this collection will be shipped according to the Delivery Period. You can find this in the product description prior to purchase.

Where do we ship from?

We ship worldwide from our SLWarehouse which is located in Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Why is Tag n' Go Made to Order?

We are unable to mass produce this particular item due to quality assurance. We manufacture our own products locally.

Sewing the magnet pocket is the most delicate part in the production. Thus, it takes our in-house expertise to ensure that the measurement and magnet pocket is perfectly sewn on your preferred fabric.

Help, I need my order urgently.

Should you require for us to expedite your order, kindly state in the cart note [Expedition is subject to approval]. For further info kindly contact CS Ninie. [WA: +6010 226 2849

My Tag n' Go won't fit my face!

Tag n' Go has been RND-ed on more than 50 faces to get it's near-perfect measurements and the magnet pocket allows you to adjust the magnet to your facial size.

However, should you have an extra small or extra large face; Kindly contact us back and we can get your magnet pockets readjusted.

Kindly contact CS Ninie. [WA: +6010 226 2849

I received a Defective Product.

Should you receive the products and you find them defective. Kindly contact us back immediately for exchange. Please Note that exchange is only allowed from 7 Days upon receiving the products from the courier.

CS Wan [+6011-1137 7586]

CS Ninie [+6010-226 2849]

International Payments [Worldwide]

For International Credit Card or Debit Card Payment.

Select Ipay 88 > Select Credit Card > Select Your issuing country > Pay using your preferred card.

Online Banking for Malaysian

Hello Local #slbabes! Checking out via your Local Bank is seamless with Ipay88.


Option 1: Select Ipay88 > select FPX > Select your preferred bank to checkout.

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