Travel with Style: Tropical Edition

Travel with Style: Tropical Edition

Ladies, are you planning a glorious vacation to an exotic tropical destination? We’ve listed down all the essentials you need to travel with style. Here, take a look:


The Perfect Travel Bag


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The hardest part about packing for a voyage is to determine how much you want to pack and how many bags should you carry. However, if you’re carrying the right bags, you don’t have to worry about packing your luggage in style. You see, there are several combinations that you can chose, based on your personal style. For instance, you can carry a large weekender tote with a classy suitcase, these two will accommodate all your necessities with style. If you’re more quirky than ladylike, than you can even carry a smart backpack with your suitcase. Whichever combination you choose, don’t forget to pack a chic crossbody bag so you can roam around the streets with your hands free.

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The Skincare Essentials

Whenever packing for a beachside vacation, don’t forget to stock up on your SPF, a good cleanser, a lightweight moisturiser, and a hydrating skin toner. Also, be sure to keep your exfoliator, because your skin will be exposed to all kinds of dust while walking around the city. Be sure to keep some hydrating sheet masks so you can treat your skin after a long day out.


The Outfit Essentials

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If you’re vacationing at an exotic island with plenty of sunbathing on your plan, your outfit assortment for the trip should be summery and relaxed. Pack out some colourful burkinis, flowy bohemian maxi dresses, pastel skirts, and a large straw hat.



If you want to soak vitamin D at the beach, alongside walking through old streets and exploring historic monuments, your travel wardrobe ought to be comfort chic. You’ll need your maxi skirts, relaxed culottes, wide-leg pants, high-waisted bottoms, denim, tees and a vibrant kimono that you can pair with several outfits. Also, pack up two of your best statement tops, just in case you have to attend a fancy art gallery event, or a play at the theatre.

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The Selection of Beachwear

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Pack up several striped and colourful burkinis withh a vibrant Boho kimono to splash around in the water. If you don’t want to get into the water, you can even pack up some breezy pants, chiffon blouses, jumpsuits or floral maxi dresses. Be sure to pack up a large straw hat to protect your facial skin against the sun.


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The need for chunky and dark sunglasses can never be stressed enough, so make sure you flaunting a sexy pair. If you intend to do some yachting, you can even pack your dungarees, or a flowy maxi skirt.


The Must Bring Foot-wear

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Vacation-mode footwear must also be relaxed, chic and comfortable. You need to pack up some lacy sandals, ballet flats, colourful bohemian flats and a pair of beach slippers.


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For occasions you’re attending a cultural event or dining at a fancy restaurant, pack up an elegant pair of mule sandals, or ankle strap heels. A pair of sporty converse or sneakers is also a must-have if you plan on walking around, exploring the city.

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