Hijab Tips: 3 Ways To Style Your Marble Astrid

Marble Astrid is one of the most favourite print but rocking it to different type of occasions can be quite challenging. With temperatures increasing, you probably want to style your marble print in the most easiest way you can.

Believe it or not, there's more than one way to style your Marble Astrid. In today's post, let me walk you through 3 ways to style your Marble Astrid in Khaki Emerald to 3 different occasions. 

Style #1 : Date Night!

Shera Lee Hijab- Marble Astrid Print Date Night Style

When in doubt, rock your hijab in a style you're able to carry and comfortable in but still looking extra that night.


Style #2 : Meeting The Big Guys

Shera Lee Hijab- Marble Astrid Print Meeting The Big Guys Style for Office and College

This look can easily follow you into the office or college!


Style #3 : Sunday Funday

Shera Lee Hijab- Marble Astrid Print Sunday Funday Style

Wrap and let it drape however it wants because we are going for the messier the better style. Don't try to make it perfect. 


So, which one is your favourite style? I'm gravitating toward Style #3

Have fun styling your Marble Astrid! 

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