2019: Le Fleur in Ocean Dream (4.5 cm Border)

Shera Lee


 Product Description:

This collection was inspired by the strong modern women all over the world.

"Fleur" which means flower, represents the tenderness and the feminity of a woman. 

We decided to add a modern twist to this design by making the flowers look more geometrical and structural, as a way of saying that all women are STRONG despite the stereotypes.



  • Material: Satin Matte
  • Measurement: 1.82 m x 0.7 m
  • Finishing: Baby Seam
  • Border 4.5 cm



Colours will be slightly different (They are more vibrant in real life as we use Flash Photography on Silk)


Wash & Care:

Hand wash ONLY, do not soak or machine wash.



Type: Shawl