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Shera Lee

[As-Is] Chiffon Silk 2.0 in Dark Grey

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Chiffon Silk features a very wavy & lightweight fabric with 'D' Shape. We carefully chose a fabric that has a silky soft hand-feel, perfect for the humid weather.

With 18 beautiful colours to choose from, the Chiffon Silk shawl is a 'D' Shape 1.7 Metre Chiffon Silk Shawl.

Save your time for something better and get ready in seconds with Chiffon Silk Shawl, it glides perfectly for any Face Shape!

Product Details:
Material: Chiffon Silk (Shawl)
Measurement: 1.7m x 0.7m
Finishing: Baby Seam
Shape: 'D' Shape

Wash & Care:
Hand wash ONLY. Do not soak or machine wash.