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Shera Lee

[As-Is] Chiffon Silk in Sand

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Chiffon Silk features a very wavy & lightweight fabric with 'D' Shape. We carefully chose a fabric that has a silky soft hand-feel, perfect for the humid weather.

With 18 beautiful colours to choose from, the Chiffon Silk shawl is a 'D' Shape 1.7 Metre Chiffon Silk Shawl. All features are adjustable to your face and body size. 

Save your time for something better and get ready in seconds with Chiffon Silk Shawl, it glides perfectly for any Face Shape!

Product Details:
Material: Chiffon Silk (Shawl)
Measurement: 1.7m x 0.7m
Finishing: Baby Seam
Shape: 'D' Shape

Wash & Care:
Hand wash ONLY. Do not soak or machine wash.